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Reviewed: Joshua Cogan at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue

Even an untalented photographer would have a wealth of material to work with in documenting Kathputli, a neighborhood in Delhi that is home to a colony of magicians and puppeteers. Using age-old traditions, these performers long wandered the Indian countryside, but in the 1950s, they settled in the neighborhood. Initially surrounded by woodlands, it became [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pink Ribbons, Inc., Photographs of Kingston

Despite its close scrutiny of the breast cancer movement, Pink Ribbons, Inc. isn’t as caustic or alarmist as it could have been. The documentary’s central message—that Komen, Avon, and other groups are all wrong in approaching the cause with an emphasis on comfort and good cheer—easily could’ve been presented as an emotional screed. But instead, Léa [...]

Reviewed: Joshua Cogan at 6th and I Historic Synagogue

Joshua Cogan, a D.C.-based photographer, barely empties his own extensive vaults in a FotoWeek exhibition at the 6th and I Historic Synagogue. Using both color and black-and-white, Cogan has documented street and village life from Louisiana to Jamaica and from Vietnam to Zanzibar, producing an ambitious portfolio that is at turns gritty, heartbreaking and joyous, [...]