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ToDo ToDay: “Over, Under, Next” at Hirshhorn and Cheap Oysters

When collage is first explained in art classes, it seems so simple. But the examples of assemblage and collage featured in “Over, Under, Next,” now on display at the Hirshhorn, are way more ambitious and involve many more materials than paper and glue sticks. Just look at Joseph Cornell’s tiny “Medici Princess” (shown) or Ann [...]

How the American Art Museum Acquired and Rehabilitated Nam June Paik’s Work

In 2002, when the Smithsonian American Art Museum acquired Nam June Paik’s "Electronic Superhighway,” a neon-outlined wall of televisions that forms a map of the United States, it didn't arrive in a truck or a van. Instead, it arrived in a box, in pieces: some electronics, videos, broken neon, and most surprisingly, no televisions.
Turns out, [...]

“An Architect’s Dream” at Curator’s Office, Reviewed

Think of the knick-knacks that so often clutter your bookshelf. Those are what Todd Levin may have thought about while guest-curating the recent exhibition at The Curator’s Office. "An Architect's Dream" is anchored by a Joseph Cornell assemblage; he's the creative benefactor of the three living artists featured. Cornell’s works are tiny stages and dreamscapes, [...]