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ToDo ToDay: Ratking, Grounded, and Punk the Capital

The only New York that matters is the one you create in your head, and if you’re a hip-hop autodidact, the most useful construction material is an album like Ratking’s So It Goes. Loud by nature, socially conscious by birthright, and exquisitely anxious by default, it extends from multiple familiar traditions. Enamored with sidewalk detail, brimming [...]

ToDo ToDay: Still Dreaming, Walter Schreifels, and a New Burger Spot

If viewers learned anything from the 2011 retired-people-chorus documentary Young@Heart, it’s that older people love to perform and younger people love to watch them. The new documentary, Still Dreaming, operates under the same premise, but instead of singing classic rock songs, the senior citizens in this film come together to perform Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And while [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Waterboys, Billy Collins, and Wild Belle

When W.B. Yeats won the Nobel Prize in 1923, the committee described his poetry as a “highly artistic form [that] gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation.” Scottish-born Dublin resident Mike Scott has aimed for that same sort of artistry in the music he’s made since the 1983 self-titled debut by his band, [...]

Watch: José Andrés and Ai Weiwei Are Buds

Two of the world's most beloved panda bears, José Andrés and Ai Weiwei, are fast pals, according to Youtube.

China blogger Anthony Tao ran into Ai at a restaurant in Caochangdi, a neighborhood something like Beijing's H Street. The Atlantic's James Fallows confirms the meet-up and the whimsical haircut that followed. Fallows promises a lengthier discussion [...]

Photos: Arena Stage’s New Digs

On Monday, Arena Stage moved into its new, $125 million Mead Center for American Theater, which contains three performance spaces, educational facilities, various shops and studios, and a cafe that will be run by chef Jose Andres' company. Arena invited reporters in to watch as the first of its staff began to move into the [...]