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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 13

We've said it before: Know your history. And if you don't wanna know your history, know this: Far Out vs. Hot Dang is here for you, regardless of your commitment. You can't say that about too many things, can you?

"One day in 2007, in Buenos Aires, nothing happened. It was ugly. "
Do Liberals Really Think [...]

Arts Roundup: Leading Off With Yet Another Weezy Reference Edition

Good morning. It's been six days, and Lil' Wayne is still a free man. So, that new mixtape should be only a few hours away right?
City Paper's Louis Jacobson had a double shot of FotoWeekDC yesterday, taking a gander Noelle K. Tan's "The America Project: utopia" and Studio Gallery's "The Breadth and Beauty of Photography," [...]

Arts Roundup: Chutes and Ladders Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Free Weezy, though...oh wait, that was yesterday's news.
We Love DC has its review of Oklahoma! at that glass behemoth that is almost the size of the entire Southwest quadrant...uh, I mean, the newly renovated Arena Stage.
TBD checks in on Below the Beltway—OMG puns! Apparently, the movie is "part All the President's Men, part [...]