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Friday: Jonathan Franzen Reads Freedom so You Don’t Have To

Church on a Friday night? If it's the National Cathedral this week, the sermon will be given by Jonathan Franzen, who will read from his tales of the not-quite-Job-like Berglund family.
Put secularly, Franzen, the chronicler of American middle-class epics, will read from and discuss Freedom—aka the most important novel ever—at a PEN/Faulkner lecture in the nave of the expansive [...]

Arts Roundup: Feminine Hygiene Edition

Morning, all. The funky weather we've been having is supposed to break today, and the forecast is 74 and sunny. Get outside during lunch if you can!
Anne Midgette of the Washington Post muses about the future of orchestral concerts, fearing they might be going the way of print journalism. The groups she chooses to illustrate [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 6

Famous people were everywhere, but we pretended not to notice. That's because Far Out vs. Hot Dang is lookin' where you ain't lookin' ... or at least it's seein' more than you're seein'. It's like a third eye and a lightning rod amalgamated into one blessedly/hellaciously innovative sensory organ. And that, gentle reader, is super-awesome. [...]

Arts Roundup: Blame the Management Edition

Hello! This week, we led the arts section of our dead-tree edition with Mike Paarlberg's look at the beginning of the Christoph Eschenbach era at the National Symphony Orchestra. In this Sunday's WaPo Magazine, classical critic Anne Midgette has her lengthy take on the same topic—which includes an interview with the maestro himself. But his [...]

Fall Arts Guide Preview: Our Critics’ Picks!

We've left a present for you inside tomorrow's Washington City Paper. No, no, get your mind out of the gutter. Folded inside our dead-tree edition, you'll find this year's beautifully illustrated State of the Arts guide, containing a hefty 72 pages of arts listings, and our picks for the best events this fall. What'd we [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Freedom: A Novel, by Jonathan Franzen.
A heretofore unknown, unhyped author who has no history with Oprah Winfrey, no coverage in the New York Times Book Review or Time, and who never has written throwaway book of essays to tide readers over for the [...]