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Million Dollar Quartet at Kennedy Center, Reviewed

The Million Dollar Quartet’s arrival at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater is a sort of homecoming for the now five-year-old Sun Records musical: After an initial staging by Floyd Mutrux, who co-wrote the book with Colin Escott, it was directed for Chicago and then Broadway by Eric Schaeffer of Signature Theatre.
I’ve been to Sun Studios [...]

Five or Six Songs I Heard, or Elvis Costello’s Warner Theatre Concert Curiosities, Explicated!

Elvis Costello rocks his hits is not as especially pulse-quickening headline. The perenially touring provocateur-turned-crooner-turned-Colbert Report bit player still releases new music at a harrowing clip, but as with most rockers of his demo—he’s 57—his concerts tend to emphasize material from the first decade of his career. At the Warner Theatre last night, his [...]

For Sale: There’s Your Hoss, Boss

Good mornin', wenises! So, as I told the man himself, cruising around former-WCPer Joe Eaton's Rumble Note blog over the weekend got me pining for my old motorcycle. But because that sweet-ass Suzuki 805 is  1,000 miles away in some boomer's driveway, I decided to cruise craigslist, where I found a Honda Nighthawk 750 with [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Ron Charles Prevails, Watchmen Sucks, Baseball Cards Are Expensive

Good morning, y'all! Top of the news pile has Maura Johnston leaving Idolator, and Ron Charles, aka, the muscle at Book World, getting his space in the Style section, goddamit. (For those of you who are not ravenously digesting R.C.'s every tweet: He nearly lost his slot in Style due to the insane number of [...]

Clip Job: Five Records Made in Cabins (Other than Bon Iver)

Thanks in part to Don DeLillo's 1973 novel Great Jones Street, it didn't take long for the rock-star-toiling-away-in-seclusion narrative to go from the stuff of critical legend to obvious fodder for parody. Nevermind that two years later saw the release and instant canonization of Bob Dylan and the Band's long-buried The Basement Tapes—the inspiration, in fact, for [...]