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Jason Moran Receives MacArthur Genius Grant

How about that Jason Moran, who keeps finding new and exciting ways to grace these pages? The ludicrously acclaimed (and entirely deserved) pianist and composer had his name on two fantastic albums this summer; played a stellar set at this month's Rosslyn Jazz Festival; and, yesterday, is the recipient of a 2010 MacArthur Fellowship: the [...]

D.C. in NYC: Cuneiform to Curate the Stone

It's probably a pretty rare occurrence that New York City residents turn to D.C. for help, advice, or anything else when it comes to cutting-edge culture. But lo and behold, I just got word that Silver Spring's Cuneiform Records has been asked by John Zorn to curate two weeks of concerts at that nonprofit haven [...]

Excursion to the Left Coast: John Zorn @ Yoshi’s San Francisco

I recently flew across the country to watch a New York musician play a series of concerts in San Francisco. If that doesn't seem to make much sense, consider that downtown legend John Zorn, a recent recipient of the half-a-million-bucks Macarthur "Genius" grant, almost never plays live except in New York City and Europe. [...]