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2009’s Most Popular Items on Arts Desk: John Waters, Clark Sabine, Twilight, and More

For the last two weeks, you've read a lot about what we loved in 2009. But what about you? After the jump, you can get a sense of what our readers dug in 2009, or at least what they clicked on the most at Black Plastic Bag and the revamped Arts Desk—from John Waters and Twilight [...]

The John Waters Interview: Sheila Dixon, Teabagging, and Blowing Up the Three Kings

Some people just don't like Christmas. Baltimore Director John Waters knows this, and has taken it upon himself to help such people through the holiday season with his spoken-word performances, in which he elaborates on why you can love or hate–but  can't possibly ignore–Christmas. In anticipation of his show at the Birchmere (which, sadly, is [...]

What Exactly Are the Criterion Collection’s “Criteria”?

The Criterion Collection has been spoiling cinephiles for over 25 years with the bells and whistles that makes home viewing/collecting wonderful: exhaustive extras, nerdy liner notes, and an impeccable curatorial selection. But what happens when even they get it wrong? In honor of the release of its latest hiccup, the well-received but snoozy A Christmas [...]