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In Mayor For Life, Marion Barry Gets One More Tribute

Celebrate his theatrical side at the Anacostia Playhouse.

Mark Twain’s D.C.: The “D” Is for “Drinkopolis”

In 1867, Mark Twain arrived in D.C. the way a lot of journalists fresh to the town do: confident, eager to insinuate himself into the political class, and dead broke. “I had gone to Washington to write The Innocents Abroad," he wrote in his autobiography in 1906. “But before beginning that book it was necessary to [...]

Arts Roundup: We Want New Plays! Edition

What happened to all those new plays we were supposed to be seeing at Arena's Kogod Cradle? [Post]
Corcoran is talking to the National Gallery of Art and George Washington University about its future sustainability [Washington City Paper]
Unpacking some of the big, bleak themes in DruidMurphy's hugely anticipated three-play series at the Kennedy Center this week [...]