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I Watched the Entirety of a 25-Hour Art Show at DCAC

This past weekend, in honor of its 25th anniversary, DC Arts Center (DCAC) exhibited art nonstop for 25 hours. The goal was to one-up the First 24, the venue's inaugural all-night show that celebrated its opening in 1989. That show, recalls DCAC executive director B. Stanley, was a resounding success, despite being broken up by the cops after getting too raucous. This [...]

How to Devise a Theater Work in the Middle of Yards Park

Making theater in unconventional locations poses unconventional challenges. Like algae growing in your performance space, for example, or unseasonably cold rainstorms and the ambient noise of waterfalls and frolicking toddlers. For force/collision, the new interdisciplinary ensemble behind The Nautical Yards, devising a site-specific dance and theater piece inspired by the Washington Navy Yard has meant [...]