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Hard Walkin': Mellencamp by Numbers

So, some data has just come back from the lab in RE: last night's Constitution Hall concert by one John Mellencamp, about which I had plenty to say as it was happening.
Man, I don't know why you hipsters all make fun of this guy. Is it because of the "Cougar" he dropped from [...]

Inauguration Radio Station: More Soundbites from the Lincoln Concert

Check it out: More grainy tracks from the "We Are One" concert/love-in. As previously noted, Garth Brooks held the stage for what seemed like an eternity. I include his most palatable track below, since it's usually a crowd-pleaser.
Garth Brooks on "American Pie":
John Cougar Mellencamp on "Ain't That America Pink Houses":
U2 on "Pride (In [...]

Inauguration Radio Station: Sounds from the Lincoln Concert

Just returned from a spot of Indian food after the "We Are One" concert, where I collected some supremely lo-fi recordings of the hit-or-miss performances.  Garth Brooks got a lot of stagetime.  Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock got glossed over. and Sheryl Crowe did some decent Marley with a sanitized "Where Is the Love" [...]