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The T Party‘s Natsu Onoda Power on Creating Transgender Theater

"I am doing this as a playwright, and am really conflicted and confused about everything, and I am constantly learning."

The Sleigher: Yoko Ono and the Flaming Lips, “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

Arts Desk's cheery and cheeky evaluation of new holiday music returns.

Listen to Incwell’s Eclectic New Project, Mahjong Rockstars

A narrative that feels deeper than today's "turn up" rap, inspired by musicians whose faces were probably on your college dorm room's walls

Lupita Nyong’o Was the Muse for Judah’s New Album

"Hi, Judah. It's Lupita. So I hear you're doing your next instrumentals album and I'm the inspiration behind it."
No, it's not the real Lupita Nyong'o who calls D.C. producer Judah at the top of his new concept album, The Lupita Nyong'o Instrumentals, a sequel to 2010's Amber Rose-inspired EP.
So why is Lupita the inspiration for Judah's new [...]

Reviewed: Man On The Moon II by Kid Cudi

Right away, it's easy to see something's bothering Kid Cudi on Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. There's the Cleveland native's troubled slouch on the album cover, and his drab reflections throughout the recording. He's crying for an intervention.
But just as suddenly, Cudi shrugs you off with nonchalant arrogance, and you realize that [...]

New Movie Asserts that Paul McCartney Really is Dead

Beatles fans are all familiar with the "Paul is dead" urban legend. The rumors, which surfaced in September of 1969, claimed that Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced by a double. Despite the fact that McCartney gave an interview to Life magazine in November 1969 stating that he was [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘When Foxes Attack’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*John Prine gets a lot of love on a new star-packed tribute record called Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine. Conor Oberst, Deer Tick, My Morning Jacket, and the DBT are all, apparently, implicated. Sounds like a recipe for awesome. (Via Pitchfork, which also has the track listing.)
*The Independent zings the [...]

Arts Roundup: Sundance 2010 Kicks Off

*Sundance starts today! Briefly noted: Film on Proposition 8, Mormons screens in Utah(!); Banksy paints the town in anticipation of Exit Through the Giftshop; Nowhere Boy, film on John Lennon's adolescence, to screen (video); this year's judges include Karyn Kusama and Parker Posey; Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Slightly Stoopid to perform; James Franco plays Allen [...]

Arts Roundup: I Just Don’t Feel Like Ranting Edition

Good morning! Nothing has pissed me off today! (OK, one thing has: The Washington Post Style section seems to have resumed its coverage of the Salahis. Two articles so far this week! The one from yesterday—argh!—is about how the story won't go away.) So I'll skip the usual morning ramblings and move on to what [...]

Music in Review: How the Fest Was Won

For the rock & roll collector—and the hard-toking Bonnaroo-goer—concert and festival DVDs have become essential stocking stuffers, even though many are subpar. Films of music festivals, in particular, "have become warmed-over buffets, in which you get one number each from a handful of bands (often not the best number, either) along with obligatory crowd-pans and [...]