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Listen: John Fahey’s Strange Mixtapes for a Record Store Clerk

Does it come as a surprise that American Primitivism guitar hero John Fahey made extremely weird mixtapes?
A couple of months ago, Chicago musician Nathaniel Braddock posted to Soundcloud a series of mixtapes he says were made by the late guitarist in the 1990s. According to Braddock, they were intended for Braddock's then-future-wife, who was working [...]

Arts Roundup: RIP Polo Edition

TCB's Reggie "Polo" Burwell has died. [Arts Desk]
One Direction will play Nationals Park in August 2014. [Post]
The White House announces its first student film festival. [White House]
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company gets an $800,000 grant from the Doris Duke Foundation. [Post]
From Oman, the Smithsonian's African Art Museum gets its biggest donation ever: $1.8 million. [AP]
A close look [...]

Arts Roundup: Priests Edition

"Hide/Seek" co-curator David Ward named National Portrait Gallery's senior historian. [Post]
The nomadic D.C. Jazz Loft series finds a new home at Union Arts. [Capital Bop]
Five guitar-based records that would make John Fahey proud [NPR]
If fame hadn't gotten in the way, Goldie Hawn might be running a dance studio in Maryland today. [Post]
Watch: D.C.'s Priests play [...]

Arts Roundup: John Fahey Edition

John Fahey bio In Search of Blind Joe Death shows at AFI Silver Theatre this weekend. [Post]
The D.C.-set Scandal is just one TV show chipping away at the "strong black woman" stereotype. [Buzzfeed]
A Captain America trailer shows shots filmed in the District. [DCist]
Honoring Dance Place founder Carla Perlo means honoring decades of dance in the [...]

John Fahey Biography to Be Published in 2014

Next year, Chicago Review Press will publish Dance of Death: The Life Of John Fahey–American Guitarist, the first definitive biography of D.C.-born American Primitive guitarist John Fahey. Steve Lowenthal, founder of Swingset magazine and Plastic Records, is writing the book for publication in June 2014.
While it's the first proper biography of the late guitar master, [...]

Harry Taussig’s Fate Is Only Twice, Reviewed

Eric Clapton may be forever known as "Slowhand," but he’s got nothing on the epically unhurried fingerstyle guitarist Harry Taussig, who plays slow and records even slower. After 47 years, Taussig has finally released his second album.
To be fair, Taussig recorded his first, Fate Is Only Once, in less than an hour. Although not many [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Shear Madness, DC9, John Fahey

Benjamin R. Freed has an excellent oral history of the long-running Shear Madness, which has been delighting tourists and other frequently looked-down-upon demographics at the Kennedy Center for 24 years. Included in the package is Bob Mondello's re-review of the play, 24 years after he first savaged Shear Madness in the pages of Washington City [...]

John Fahey Box Set Will Be Released in October

So about that long-awaited John Fahey box set: It will finally be released on October 11.
Last year, we reported that Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You (The Fonotone Years 1958-1965) would possibly be released in August 2010.
Dust-to-Digital is now taking pre-orders for the box set, which contains very early Fahey recordings and a book of essays [...]

Watch: Phil Manley’s “Make Good Choices”

Much like his work with Trans Am, Phil Manley's solo work blurs the line between parody and homage. He takes the most unappreciated genres and taps them for inspiration. With Trans Am, that could result in awesomely weird, mathy post-punk, or it could end up producing a legitimately corny '70s arena-rock knock-off. Here, with "Make [...]

Dust-To-Digital’s John Fahey Box May Come Out In August

A cousin of mine snorted coke with John Fahey back when he booked the Maryland guitar picker to play at his college. They did a line off Fahey's guitar. That's my Fahey story.
The archival experts at Dust-to-Digital have been collecting Fahey stories and unreleased recordings for years now. According to the label's founder Lance Ledbetter, [...]