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Reviewed: John Brown at Cross Mackenzie Gallery

In John Brown’s return engagement at Cross Mackenzie Gallery, the Washington photographer picks back up his previous subject matter—delicate portrayals of trees—but with a welcome tweak or two.
Brown’s 2010 exhibit at the gallery consisted of grids of dreamlike photographic assemblages documenting an arbor of vines, season by season, while his contribution to a 2012 group [...]

Reviewed: “Twisted” at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

There’s nothing kinky about “Twisted,” the new show of painting and sculpture at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery. The title is meant literally, encompassing all manner of art whose elements are intertwined and meandering. Brett Price offers a ceramic bowl crafted from an agglomeration of coiled, earthworm-like shapes; Lynn Horton painstakingly hand-draws looping, penciled swooshes on a monumental, [...]

This Week in Art: Openings, Closings, Reviews of Maria Friberg and John Brown

OPENING: Work by John Acquilino opens today at Gallery Neptune; work by Steven Cushner and William Willis opens today at Hemphill Fine Arts; work by Fierce Sonia opens today at the Art League Gallery; work by Trevor Young opens tomorrow at Civilian Art Projects; work from Salamandra Studios opens tomorrow at the District of Columbia [...]