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What a Government Shutdown Would Mean for D.C.’s Museums

When House Speaker John Boehner starts appealing to President Barack Obama and the Democrats for help, you know the end is nigh. And yet today, the New York Times reports that we are living on the edge: "Just five scheduled legislative days stand between the House and a government shutdown that has loomed for months. [...]

Arts Roundup: Adult Beverage Edition

Hello, Arts Desk readers! Well, I thought we were out of the holiday arts doldrums, but it turns out it's not so. The arts scene still seems to be a bit slow. Nevertheless, I've scoured the web for the new and noteworthy. And at least last night's episode of Top Chef was new.
Riding the box [...]

Arts Roundup: Top Chef All-Stars Edition

Morning, all. Let's see what's going on in the world of arts and entertainment, shall we?
If you keep up with the D.C. visual arts community, you're aware of the Smithsonian's decision to pull David Wojnarowicz's A Fire in My Belly from the "Hide/Seek" exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, after calls from John Boehner (R-Ohio) [...]

Smithsonian Secretary Pulled NPG Video, but Why?

Though the heat is falling on the National Portrait Gallery and its director, Martin Sullivan, at the end of the day the buck stops with Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution G. Wayne Clough. Tyler Green reports that it was Clough who ultimately made the decision to pull David Wojnarowicz's A Fire in My Belly—reportedly, over [...]