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Jazz Setlist, April 21–27: D.C.’s Best Kept Secret

Check out performances by the Thad Wilson Free Ensemble, GoGo Penguin, and more this week.

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 4-10: Warmin’ Up

The Mack Avenue Superband, Irene Jalenti, and more!

Byardistry: Jazz Setlist, Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

A tribute to a great jazz mentor and a steady bandleading gig for Joe Brotherton

Jazz Setlist, May 30-June 4: Festival Eve

I'm treating this week like a six-day week. Why? Well, the D.C. Jazz Festival begins next Wednesday, June 5, and it's on that day that I'll begin covering the festival in full. So consider this installment of Setlist a transition to DCJF.
Thursday, May 30
We don't get enough Joe Brotherton around these parts lately. The Tampa native [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 2-8: Junebug Memorial Edition

It hardly needs saying that Washington's jazz community is still mourning the loss last weekend of Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson. The much-loved drummer, singer, raconteur, and goofball is being mourned and celebrated all over town, but in particular at the HR-57 jam sessions he so often led. Last night's and tonight's jams are both being dedicated to [...]

Jazz Setlist, June 23-29: Mette, Bullettes, and Cricket(te)

It's a spectacular week for jazz, folks.
Thurday, June 23
It's been a long time—over a year and a half, in fact—since D.C. has seen a gig by the Cricket Fusion Quartet. The collective is the brainchild of Joe Brotherton, a trumpeter (and a hip one) with a taste for two things: spontaneous group improvisation and groove. [...]

Roy Hargrove Takes U Street by Surprise!

Roy Hargrove is no stranger to D.C., making frequent appearances at Georgetown's Blues Alley and playing a headline engagement during 2007's Duke Ellington Jazz Festival (now the D.C. Jazz Festival). Sunday night, however, he took a surprise detour from his four-night stand at Blues Alley to hit the clubs of U Street.
Tenor saxophonist Elijah Jamal [...]

Jazz Setlist: Oct. 1-7, 2009

Oct. 1
1905 Restaurant sometimes gets labeled a speakeasy for its obscure location (the dimly lit second floor of a barely marked rowhouse at 1905 9th Street NW) and its absinthe-featuring drink menu. Like the classic speakeasies, it also regularly features some of the most interesting jazz on the local scene. The Cricket Fusion Quartet, led [...]

Improv Sandwich

Unless I missed it, there was no lecture to be had from Peter Brötzmann at the Velvet Lounge last night. Instead he did two sets: one solo, one group improvisation with Chromatic Mysteries (featuring drummer/avant-maestro Scott Verrastro).
The solo was classic Brötzmann, requiring great intellectual energy to penetrate his harsh, often shrieky tone for the melody [...]