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Arts Roundup: Tramplings, Assault, a Bomb Threat, and Death Edition

Finding it tougher to afford actor housing and storage space in the District, Shakespeare Theatre Company is on track to purchase the former campus of Southeastern University. [Post]
Walking disaster Chris Brown arrested for assaulting a man outside the W Hotel; court date today. [Post, Post]
At Yardfest on Friday, a brief moment of chaos. [Arts Desk, [...]

Allie Alvarado Plays Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Semi-big local music news: Allie Alvarado of D.C. synth-pop group Painted Face will perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. She'll be on keyboards avec School of Seven Bells. Both Alvarado and School of Seven Bells are excitedly tweeting backstage photos. Thanks DCist for the tip.

Watch Wale Perform on Jimmy Fallon

Hey, did you see Wale last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon? The homegrown rapper performed "Lotus Flower Bomb" along with crooner Miguel and Late Night house band The Roots. The rapper's had luck, in the last six months, with low-key for the ladies ballads (see this song and the earlier hit "That Way"), and you [...]

The Dismemberment Plan Reunion Now Going (at Least) Until July 16

Maybe this reunion can keep going forever. Four days after the lineup for The Roots Picnic was announced when Questlove made good on his plan to get Travis Morrison and company to play his crew's annual one-day festival in Philadelphia on June 4, The Dismemberment Plan became one of the first acts announced for this year's [...]

Watch: The Dismemberment Plan on Fallon

In what won't be the last time we talk about D-Plan today, here they are last night on Jimmy Fallon, performing "The City" on air and "What Do You Want Me to Say?" for the Web. But wait? When Roots drummer and Fallon sidekick Questlove was geeking out about D-Plan yesterday on Twitter, he said [...]

Tell the Dismemberment Plan What It Should Play for Jimmy Fallon

The Dismemberment Plan is reuniting this month, and the hometown indie rock heroes are performing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon before their string of live dates. What'll D-Plan play? Tell them!
The band is soliciting suggestions on Twitter and on its Facebook page today: They need one song to play on the air, and an additional [...]

Dismemberment Plan to Perform on Jimmy Fallon

That's what the band just announced on its website: On Jan. 20, the reunited D.C. indie rockers will appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Want tickets? Find out about that here.
The band also announced a Seattle date for March 12. Plus: Parse what you will from the line "The shows listed below are all [...]

This Week in Film: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Neil Young Trunk Show

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a violent tale of rape and murder—with scattered moments of levity. Noomi Rapace plays the main character, Lisbeth, to perfection as a brilliant, angry, and antisocial hacker. (She scooped up Sweden's Best Actress Oscar-equivalent for her performance in the titular role.) Based on a book of the same [...]

The Sleigher: Julian Casablancas’ “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

HO HO WHO: The Strokes' formerly disheveled (stylishly) and now dapper (very stylishly) frontman covers "I Wish It Was Christmas Today," that bizarre, charming ditty from an SNL sketch featuring Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and Jimmy Fallon.
THE LOWER EAST SIDE RETRO ROCKER: Actual sleigh bells notwithstanding, Casablancas could've played "I Wish It Was [...]

Jawbox Live on Jimmy Fallon

As promised, Jawbox reunited Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon to perform "Savory," from its just reissued classic album For Your Own Special Sweetheart.
Just in case you missed it:

The band also performed the songs "FF=66" and "68" during rehearsal. Those videos after the jump: