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Music in Review: Idolating Pitchfork in Maura Johnson’s Absence

After reading my critique of Pitchfork’s P2K: The Decade in Music list in City Paper's Music in Review issue, a friend commented that “sometimes I don't know what's more cliché: reading Pitchfork or complaining about Pitchfork.” Reductionist arguments like that are easy swipes, but they speak to the incessant griping, legitimate or [...]

Has the Pushback Begun?

On Sunday, the New York Times ran an article about Jim O'Rourke, an underground overachiever who, in addition to recording his own solo music, has played in Sonic Youth and Gastr Del Sol, and worked in various other capacities with Wilco, Joanna Newsom, and Superchunk.
His latest project is the new solo album The Visitor, a [...]

Tuesday Rock City: Jim O’Rourke

Jim O'Rourke: I'm Happy, And I'm Singing, And A 1,2,3,4 (Expanded Edition)
From his collaborations with Sonic Youth, to his abstract guitar improvisations, to his seemingly bottomless catalog of drone compositions, Jim O'Rourke has made a lot of records. However, if one were to name the quintessential O'Rourke LP, it would have to be I'm Happy, [...]