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Download: Kingpen Slim, Triple Beam Dreams

Kingpen Slim is one of D.C.'s most versatile rappers: He can spit street anthems or glossy radio singles without sounding contrived, his confident flow fine-tuned for its intended audience.
"Lollipop," for instance, is bouncy radio bait, from its recognizable vocal loop to Slim's simplified rhymes. Compare that with "Can't Stop Me," on which he and rapper Jim [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Cold Swedish Winter

Dreamy Swedish duo Korallreven doesn’t want to bum you out like fellow Swedes jj. Nor do they want to freak you out like The Knife. Korallreven is more concerned with layered dance-pop that soothes as it moves. On its debut LP, An Album by Korallreven, the act specializes in the blissful, carefree sounds of summer, with [...]

Kingpen Slim’s Promotional Juggernaut Is Not Over

Although D.C.'s Kingpen Slim chose a quaintly gangsterish name, he's been steadily honing his persona into something contemporary and relatively mainstream-friendly. The Twitters? Nicely active. The YouTubes? All day long. The connections? Jim Jones, among others. The artistic partner? Virginia's busy J Buttah. And there's product, always product: The Beam Up II, Slim's latest record, [...]