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Mingering Mike Captures D.C. Council in All Its Humanity

The artist known as Mingering Mike first dreamed about joining D.C.'s pantheon of soul sensations. Back in the 1960s and '70s, the D.C. native brought his fantasies to life through hand-painted cardboard records and sleeves. Lost for decades, those faux records eventually resurfaced to great acclaim. Now Mingering Mike's work can be found in the [...]

A District of Ice and Fire

It’s been a month since Game of Thrones, HBO’s fantasy series based on the novels of George R. R. Martin, wrapped up its second season. And the more we rewatch episodes via OnDemand, the more Martin’s sprawling epic of dragons, ice demons, and warring dynasties feels like an allegory for our situation here in the [...]

New Rules Coming Soon for Used Record and Book Stores (But Not Every Shop’s Happy)

The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will propose several changes to the licensing rules that govern shops selling used goods—which might be welcome news for some of the businesses that DCRA and the Metropolitan Police Department cracked down on in April. Eric Rogers, the agency's acting business licensing administrator, announced the changes today [...]

Why Huffington Post Is Wrong About the Lincoln Theatre

Huffington Post D.C. contributors have not quite wrapped their heads around the Lincoln Theatre.
Recently, DC Advocates for the Arts chair Robert Bettmann beat a familiar drum on the issue of the theater's still unsolved fiscal crisis: Throw more public money at it. Last week, Eli Lehrer, a vice president of the libertarian think tank Heartland [...]

The Enterprise Has Its Grand Opening, But…

The Enterprise, the new jazz club and theater that's now occupying the old Professional Pharmacy at 2917 Georgia Ave. NW, held its grand opening Tuesday. The new establishment's open house ran from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; a mayoral ribbon cutting was scheduled for noon. At 7 p.m.the performances began: The Pin Points Theater company staged [...]

DC9 Death Clouds Venue’s Future; Owner, 4 Others Arrested; No Ruling from Medical Examiner

UPDATE | 2:56 p.m., Oct. 16: The defendants from DC9 were arraigned Saturday on charges of aggravated assault, not murder. Four of them were released, and the fifth will be released soon, as well. But the Washington Post says police may increase the charges again after the medical examiner rules on the cause of death.
UPDATE [...]

Free Shakespeare Tickets? Prithee Ask Your Councilmember

If the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Free for Fall performance of Twelfth Night is as good as the one the troupe put on in 2008, audiences are in for a treat. This year there's even more positive news: No longer must audiences wait in line in the middle of the day to secure the free tickets. Instead [...]

Nonfundraising GALA: The City’s Leading Hispanic Theater Weathers a Funding Crisis

For the GALA Hispanic Theatre in Columbia Heights, the 2009–2010 season has been a perfect storm of financial setbacks. One of them, in fact, was an actual storm.
Attendance dropped with the flagging economy, the Snowpocalypse shuttered the theater’s doors during a critical weekend in February, and, most crippling of all, last summer GALA lost a [...]