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ToDo ToDay: Jessica Lea Mayfield and a New Lobster Shack

When her first album, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, debuted in 2008, Jessica Lea Mayfield seemed destined for a career of singing rootsy folk-rock songs. On her latest release, Make My Head Sing…, she’s shaken the acoustic ethos of her past in favor of grinding guitars and pounding drums. What remains from Mayfield’s bluegrass roots is a slight vocal [...]

ToDo ToDay: Mayfield Siblings! Lady Dane Sings!

Jessica Lea Mayfield is no pop starlet. Her blend of folk, alternative, and country developed at an early age—she joined her parents and siblings in the family bluegrass band, One Way Rider, at age 8, and has been touring and recording pretty much nonstop since then. On her current tour, she’s joined by elder brother [...]