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Realer Art D.C.

The Washington Post is at it again. Last year, the paper inaugurated an initiative called Real Art D.C., something that City Paper contributor Jeffry Cudlin referred to (on his own blog, Hatchets and Skewers) as “some sort of forum/database/debasing-reality-show-type-contest for the arts community.” The contest’s terms and conditions earned criticism from both Cudlin and art [...]

Jessica Dawson to Leave Washington Post for Hirshhorn Bubble

In another big departure from The Washington Post arts section, longtime galleries critic Jessica Dawson is leaving the paper—and the news business—for the Hirshhorn Museum. There she will join the staff for that museum's new temporary event space, known as the Bubble.
Just last November, Dawson, a non-staff columnist, penned a piece celebrating her 10-year anniversary as [...]

Reflections on D.C. Art in 2010

I'm not a fan of top tens. And because I just began covering art for the Washington City Paper in the middle of the year–with a fall hiatus–I don't feel qualified to give a list of "best shows." But, there are several things I'm ruminating about going into 2011.
The Washington Project of the Arts is [...]

Arts Roundup: Dental Style Edition

Good morning! This roundup is going up late, as I had something of a rough night, and yet, though I always assumed it worked this way, I didn't emerge from bed looking as impeccably disheveled as the boys in D.C.'s U.S. Royalty, whose style was profiled by pop critic Chris Richards in the Post yesterday. Block [...]

Dawson’s Creak: Reflections on “Real Art D.C.”

In case you missed it, last week The Washington Post announced Steven Silburg as the winner of its Real Art D.C. contest. It's an honor to be the top dog in any race, but this prize is a little dubious—and not just because of the title, which evokes two reality shows that create more court jesters [...]

The C List: Will Lenny Campello’s 100 Washington Artists Serve Its Subjects or Its Author?

The C List
Does a book on D.C. artists serve its subjects or its author?
By Kriston Capps
How many people did it take to write Lenny Campello’s book about his 100 favorite D.C. artists? One, right?
Try about 125.
Longtime D.C. art dealer, blogger, and booster F. Lennox Campello is assembling an encyclopedia whose title says it all: 100 [...]