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The Best TV Shows of 2010, From Someone Without a TV

I've never considered myself an avid TV watcher. Sure, there are a few programs I hold near and dear to my heart, but there are few shows for which I'd carve time out of my routine to sit down and watch. In September, my roommate and I decided to save a couple bucks and go [...]

Weekend Music Roundup : Chuck Berry, Felice Brothers, Nicki Minaj

Most of the good stuff tonight sold out already. Saturday's major options seem limited to DJ Pauly D at Fur; Nicki Minaj, Jane Jetson's slightly tawnier cousin at DC Star; or another questionably "spectacular" (read: leaning toward just plain spectacle) rapper, Lil B.

The Best of Friday, but Unfortunately Sold Out:

Chuck Berry with Daryl Davis. 8 [...]

Arts Roundup: Southern Shore Edition

Morning, all. Here at the Washington City Paper, it seems like everybody's got their eye on the upcoming election. And it's still August, so a lot of people in town won't be waking up from their end-of-summer second gear mode 'til after Labor Day weekend. But there are still glints of culture–you just have to [...]

Arts Roundup: A Somewhat Nostalgic Edition

Rise and shine, D.C. Wake up to the sight of your housemate's visiting family screwing around with your coffee maker and prepare yourself for another 90-degree-plus day. With this summer's brutal heat not relenting any time soon, are you looking forward to tonight's premier of Season 2 of "Jersey Shore" as much as WaPo's Hank [...]

Arts Roundup: The Hills is Scripted Edition

Good morning, everyone. Another dreary Wednesday in the District.
In case you missed it: Story/Stereo nabs NEA grant in time for its second season, Ryan Hackett wins the 2010 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize, and Mike Rhode pens an ode to Harvey Pecker, splendid American.
MTV's The Hills bid its farewell last night. After six [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Smell Like A Comic Book Fan’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*MGMT releases its "Flash Delirium" music video. There's old ladies playing wooden instruments, talking throat-slits filled with eels, and puppets. The usual.

*Diesel is releasing a special Iron Man 2 cologne in anticipation of the film's May 7 release. The bottle is shaped like a red fist, but nerds will notice one particular problem: the [...]

Festival Watch: Jersey Shore and Ultra Music, MusicNOW, Pitchfork

Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival 2010: So we here at Festival Watch have spent some time watching Jersey Shore. And while we realize that it is sort of a pop-culture phenomenon and this kind of excuses the fact that we invested a portion of our evening trying to digest that particular mess, we’re [...]