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Wale’s Early Holiday Gift, Festivus

The Seinfeld audio clips are back, as are the random '90s R&B references and the rapper's focus.

Wale and DJ A-Trak to Gift Fans with Festivus Project on Festivus

The Seinfeld theme continues.

With Jerry Seinfeld’s Help, Wale and Complex Bury the Hatchet

"Ariana Grande? I had that at a coffee shop one time. It’s coffee with cinnamon in it."

Six Degrees of Separation from Ex Hex

One of D.C.'s biggest sonic exports of the year has connections to Fidel Castro, Azealia Banks, and Beavis & Butthead.

Wale Promises Return to Basics in The Album About Nothing Trailer

It's an album about nothing. Nothing!

Wale Didn’t Share This Seinfeld-Inspired Image for Nothing, Did He?

Wale posted a cartoon image of himself alongside Seinfeld characters Jerry, Elaine, George, and a troll-like Kramer (intentionally ugly, maybe?) to his Instagram account. The accompanying message, "Just wait on it," seems to suggest that this is the cover art for his upcoming Album About Nothing.  Is this why he decided to share this on Tuesday, Seinfeld’s 60th [...]

Arts Roundup: All-Wale Everything

[In Jerry Seinfeld voice] What's the deal with Seinfeld collaborating with Wale? [Post]
Washingtonian's profile of Wale touches on all the talking points: The rapper likes sneakers, hates haters, etc. [Washingtonian]
Baltimore City Paper's take on the new Wale album [City Paper]
The Smithsonian Folklife Festival begins TODAY. [Post]
But imagine how much better the Folklife Festival would be on [...]

DMV Beats: Wale and Seinfeld, Together At Last

This Week in Folarin' Around Jerry Seinfeld
Wale has made no secret of his love for Jerry Seinfeld. His 2008 Mixtape About Nothing quoted extensively from Seinfeld's sitcom; in 2010, he followed that up with his More About Nothing tape. Now, a full election cycle later, his admiration of the observational comic has come full circle. In [...]