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Listen: Sunwolf’s Sexy, Short New Single, “Push It”

ALL YOU GARAGE-ROCK PEOPLES, the Sunwolf sound officially remains in your scuzzy wheelhouse. The D.C. trio's new single, "Push It," initially seems directed at one girl, but mildly unhinged vocalist Rob "Kalani" Tifford could be singing to every single one of us sorry humans, too. "Push it like you really should," we are told, because [...]

Full Disclosure: Fugazi’s Live Series Is a Lot More Than Angry Banter

In 2009, a 45-minute MP3 of audio from Fugazi concerts cropped up on punk and indie-rock blogs. But it wasn’t a musical recording: Instead, James Burns, the fan behind the file, had cobbled together choice clips of outrageous stage banter. The collage not only affirmed the band’s reputation for hardline punk diatribes (“Would the gentleman in [...]

Fund the Positive Force Documentary, Get a House Show

Positive Force, the D.C.-based punk activist collective, needs your help. No, they're not collecting cans or gathering volunteers or collecting funds for a worthy charity this time. A Kickstarter campaign is raising money to complete a Positive Force documentary.
The film, "Positive Force: More Than a Witness," is directed by D.C. multimedia artist Robin Bell, and covers the [...]

Time It Took for (e)merge to Get Decadent: Three Hours

Nobody wanted to look Avery Lawrence in the eye last night—not one of the dozen or so people crammed into the hotel room exhibiting his work, at the opening party for the (e)merge art fair at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.
They were looking at him, of course, but in video form, projected onto a wall, dragging [...]