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Jazz Appreciation Month Begins! Jazz Setlist, April 2–8

The U Street Jazz Jam rises again and Jeremy Pelt returns to town.

“A New and Different Kind of Way”: A Conversation With Wayne Escoffery

Tenor saxophonist Wayne Escoffery is most visible as the second horn in the quintet led by Tom Harrell, an idiosyncratic but reliably straightahead postbopper. (On record, anyway.) But Escoffery follows his own muse when he's the one at the helm; in the last several years, that muse has led him in an increasingly dark, angular, [...]

Jazz Setlist, November 21-27: Save the Caves!

Thursday, Nov. 21
As I've noted, the older (pre-bebop) styles of jazz have a very small toehold in D.C. and even more diminutive press coverage. The former, those of us who write about jazz can't do much with; the latter, we can and should. Especially when the practitioners of those styles have the sheer vitality of [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sept. 26-Oct. 2: Wayne Shorter, Jeremy Pelt, Lyle Link, Kneebody, Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra

Thursday, Sept. 26
Much of the D.C. jazz scene gave over the summer to celebrating tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter, the music’s greatest living composer and, arguably, bandleader. (Shorter turned 80 in August.) Fitting, then, that the capstone should be an appearance by the man himself, barely a week after receiving an in-person tribute at this year’s [...]

Jazz Setlist, February 21-27: Kahil, Jeremy, and Antonio

Friday, Feb. 22
When local pianist Darius Scott came down with the flu this past week, he was unable to make an announced gig at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. The person he called to take over the gig? That was Antonio Parker, who put on an absolutely crackling set of blues, modal jazz, and a [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 3-9: Jazziversaries

Friday, May 4
Miles Davis' classic Second Quintet lasted just four years. John Coltrane's great quartet lasted three. No matter how magical a jazz band's chemistry, it's hard to hold together that group of varying personalities, egos, and visions. So it says something that the magnificent trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and his quintet have stayed together five [...]