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The Caribbean, Out of Exile

"I don't write autobiographical music," says Michael Kentoff, an hour into our interview last month. "Those are David Crosby songs. I just don’t like them."
If you've heard The Caribbean—and you should make of point of listening to the D.C. trio's excellent new album, Discontinued Perfume (Hometapes)—then you understand that: The band's songs are weird, self-contained universes, jewel-box [...]

Malcolm McLaren, Self-Proclaimed Punk Inventor, Is Dead. But What Did He Mean to This Punk Town?

Malcolm McLaren, the svengali who assembled the Sex Pistols, is dead. He claimed to have invented punk rock, and undoubtedly was a central figure in it.
As far I can tell, he didn't have much of a connection to this punk-rock town (the Sex Pistols, in its original lineup, didn't play D.C.). I called up Dischord, [...]