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Terrible Online Dating Experiences Become Art at Flashpoint’s #thisiswhyimsingle

At a recent taping of the "Women of Uncertain Age" podcast, the artists discussed their work.

Artomatic: Some Early Reactions

Barnstorming through Artomatic, it's easier to react than reflect. This year's artist headcount is more than 1,000, which means a two-hour dash through the 10 floors of artwork gives you about five seconds per artist—an overestimation that does not factor in the time to move between rooms, move between floors, or get lost.  That estimate [...]

On Drawing

Process seems to be a theme lately in D.C. galleries. Hillyer Art Space recently hosted 700 volumes from Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project. Arlington Arts Center is calling for artists to submit studies created in preparation for finished works. The Kreeger is examining Tom Wesselmann’s drawing process. All three exhibits call special attention to drawing.
Two of Washington's alternative arts spaces [...]