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Marley & Me, Considered

In which the author wonders whether the 2008 Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston vehicle Marley & Me accurately reflects the fortunes of an ailing newspaper industry.

John Grogan has it made. A real-life newspaperman who left The South Florida Sun-Sentinel for Organic Gardening for a columnist position at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Grogan became famous for dog-centered columns [...]

ScarJo Butchers Buckley

At Coachella 2007, smokin' starlet Scarlett Johanson lent her sultry vocals to then-freshly reunited Scottish noise-poppers Jesus & Mary Chain's performance of their best-known single, "Just Like Honey" (also featured in Lost In Translation). Roughly a year later, Johansson foisted an album of low key, lounge-lizard reworkings of Tom Waits classics (Anywhere I Lay My [...]