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Gallery Owners Trade Traditional Spaces for Pop-Ups and Shares

When Andrea Pollan announced that she was leaving her gallery space, Curator’s Office, at 1515 14th Street NW, she was emphatic that she wasn’t closing it down for good. She’d run the microgallery for nine years before her lease expired in June 2013, but with rising rents putting storefront or smaller spaces on the District’s commercial [...]

What I Learned From Crawling On My Hands and Knees Through Rosslyn For Eight Hours

On Friday, June 7, after two hours of slogging through the rain on my belly and shivering from high winds, I figured that my performance art project was doomed. Our team of three performers—Caitlin Tucker, Maggie Schneider, and myself—had only made it halfway across the Francis Scott Key Bridge, heading toward Rosslyn. By this point [...]

Pay Attention to These Artists at SuperNOVA

In this week's issue, artists and curators Sheldon Scott and Eames Armstrong talked to Washington City Paper about the recent explosion of performance art culminating in SuperNOVA, a sweeping performance art festival taking place in Rosslyn—of all places—this weekend. For the first time in recent D.C. memory, there's more performance than even the sternest fan [...]

The Body Stop: D.C.’s Once-Nonexistent Performance Art Scene Takes Off—in Rosslyn

Drop into any Brightest Young Things party or Pink Line Project event with a DJ, a food truck, and some graffiti, and there’s a good chance you’re going to see some performance art. Not, mind you, the Viennese Actionism of the late 1960s or the NEA Four of the early 1990s or Marina Abramović trying [...]

Jeffry Cudlin Plots a Slow, Dangerous Crawl Through Rosslyn

Performance artist and Washington City Paper contributor Jeffry Cudlin moved to Arlington in 1995 and lived there for four years. The first time he set foot in Rosslyn, he got completely lost while putting up fliers for his band. He eventually realized it was futile—no one was walking around the barren corporate wasteland at 8 p.m. on [...]

ToDo ToDay: Metz! Baseball Musicals!

It’s easy to harp on the '90s as the golden age of indie rock, where screeching DIY bands championed the home-rooted growth of small label, like Seattle’s Sub Pop. Many years of lukewarm releases later, Sub Pop has gone back to its roots by signing schizophrenic rock bands whose main priority is a live set [...]

Arts Roundup: Arctic Char Edition

New designs for the National Museum of the U.S. Army in Fort Belvoir, Va. [The Style Blog]
TV show not set in the District to be film in the District [NBC Washington]
Local music superfan Pat Walsh shares some favorite D.C. tunes with Danger Mike [Radio CPR Dissonance]
The film show at DCIFF whose name we dare not [...]

Remembering Dan Tulk

The news came Wednesday night via e-mail: Dan Tulk had been killed in a car accident. It’s understandable if his name doesn’t ring a bell. Local arts coverage tends to shine brightest on a select few, and Tulk was an emerging artist, just stepping into the faint edge of the [...]

Realer Art D.C.

The Washington Post is at it again. Last year, the paper inaugurated an initiative called Real Art D.C., something that City Paper contributor Jeffry Cudlin referred to (on his own blog, Hatchets and Skewers) as “some sort of forum/database/debasing-reality-show-type-contest for the arts community.” The contest’s terms and conditions earned criticism from both Cudlin and art [...]

Arts Roundup: Dissonance Edition

Loitering in B Flat: In what might only guarantee more loitering from me if not a decrease in the loitering of anyone else, the National Portrait Gallery is now playing classical music outside in an effort to keep the kids away from its very perchable stairs, DCist reports. DCist also suggests the museum play Wagner's [...]