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Read Our Annotated Guide to 2011!

There's no arts section to recap this week. For our Dec. 23 issue—on stands today!—the Washington City Paper staff took a look back on the year that was. No surprise, then, that a good chunk of our Annotated Guide to 2011 is devoted to the arts. Pick up a copy! Or read it online. Either [...]

Arts Roundup: Today’s Heat Would Melt the Bubble Anyway Edition

Someday, the Bubble?: The Hirshhorn Museum was supposed to be decked out with a giant bubble early next year. Wait, maybe October 2012. Maybe never, but possibly eventually, Tyler Green at Modern Art Notes reported yesterday. Green couldn't get any bubble updates out of the Hirshhorn museum's recent board meetings, and when a museum spokesperson was asked if the [...]

A Protest Happened. Dancing Occurred. Now What?

So. Saturday's biggish protest at the Jefferson Memorial went down pretty smoothly. Now what?
Kudos to the Park Police for playing their cards right this time. The dozens of dancing protesters were allowed to gather, shake their booties, and mill around in solidarity for at least 15 minutes before getting shooed out in a slightly more [...]

Arts Roundup: They Danced Since They Wanted to Edition

The Civil-Disobedience Two-Step: As promised, dancers gathered at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on Saturday to dance in opposition to the arrest a week ago of...dancers in the Jefferson Memorial. There were no arrests this time, although U.S. Park Police eventually closed down the memorial. WaPo has a photo gallery.
Word is No Police Cruisers Were Harmed: Daniel [...]

Dance, Revolution, Etc. Part II

Tomorrow should be interesting.
The same folks who brought you last week’s “Yes, Park Police Can Do Choke Holds and Body Slams” will be restaging their protest event at the Jefferson Memorial on a much larger scale. More than 3,000 people have RSVP’d to the “Dance Party @ TJ’s!!!” event page on Facebook, which announces another [...]

If I Can’t Dance in Your Revolution…

It’s awesome to see that so many people are passionate fans of dancing in public spaces, so devoted they’re willing to go to jail for it.
Kidding. From the looks of it, half the people who were arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial on Saturday—documented in videos online—were planning on creating a disturbance, and they [...]