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The Sleigher: The Caribbean and Insect Factory, “Be Thou My Vision”

HO HO WHO: The off-kilter D.C. band The Caribbean (primarily drummer/bassist/vocalist Matthew Byars) and D.C. experimentalist Jeff Barsky, aka Insect Factory.
ALTERED BOYS: "Be Thou My Vision" is a sixth-century Irish text that was turned into an English-language hymn early in the 20th century. These thoughtful indie dudes set it within cathedral-sized sonics (the drones by [...]

Insect Factory’s Far-Flying Freebie

In an interview with City Paper last year, Silver Spring's Jeff Barsky described his composing technique this way: "I usually have a point A that I start from, and a point B where I’d like to end up. I know that somewhere in between, I’m going to stop for some coffee. And then [...]

Arts Roundup: Color Schooled Edition

Thinly Veiled: The Phillips Collection yesterday announced the acquisition of Morris Louis' "Seal," donated by the Marcella Brenner Revocable Trust. Brenner was married to Morris Louis until his death in 1962, and the Phillips was one of the first museums in the country to purchase a Louis in 1963. "Seal" work was completed in 1959, and [...]

Authorization’s First, Final, and Now Free Album

Bittersweet, this. Authorization, the local instrumental duo of Jeff Barsky (Plums, Insect Factory) and Dan Caldas (Black Eyes, Horses), broke up last year, but it's left behind an album, version 1, which as of yesterday can be downloaded for free.
The band gave me a taste of record last July with "Full Flight," which I described [...]