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For the First Time in His Life, Chad Clark Is Right on Time

The Beauty Pill frontman tells the stories behind the band's first LP in 11 years.

Jazz Setlist, June 21-27: Nordica!

Thursday, June 21
There's a pianist in town who hasn't gotten nearly enough attention in this column, and his name is Gene D'Andrea. He's a thoughtful, unassuming fellow who's nonetheless a monster on the keyboard: incredible speed and imagination, a unique way of shaping a melody in an improvisation—one that always keeps one ear to the [...]

Beauty Pill’s Art-Project Resurrection

Photo Slideshow: Beauty Pill's "Immersive Ideal"

It was nearly 1 p.m. on the eighth day of Beauty Pill’s public experiment in creativity and captivity when Morgan Klein, a photographer and friend of the band, looked up from his laptop and announced the sad news: Amy Winehouse was dead.
“That’s terrible,” the group’s leader, Chad Clark, said genuinely. She [...]

Beauty Pill’s Immersive Ideal: Near Misses

It's Thursday, and Beauty Pill is working on "Near Miss Stories"—the band's only song that addresses the illness that nearly killed frontman Chad Clark in 2007 and 2008. "You’re in a desperate situation," says Clark, explaining the lyrics. "You’re in a shipwreck, you’re out at sea, holding onto a piece of wood. You’re at the [...]

The Future of Music Summit, Summarized

How do you catch Craig Finn, Damian Kulash, and T. Bone Burnett all in the same day without getting overpowered by the B.O. of thousands of sweaty music-fest attendees? You put on your sport coat, grab your laptop, and head to The Future of Music Coalition's annual summit in D.C., of course. At least, that's [...]

Two Years After Nearly Dying, Beauty Pill Leader Writes Songs for a Play About Suicide

In late 2007, Chad Clark found himself in the emergency room, convulsing from a fever that had lasted six days. "I was shaking like the characters in Jacob’s Ladder," he says. Clark, leader of the group Beauty Pill, felt like he was dying, he says, and his doctors had no clue how to diagnose him, [...]