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Jazz Setlist, November 3-9: From Flute to Banjo

Friday, November 4
The trajectory of Bill Haymon is certainly the opposite of most jazz musicians'. To wit, he started in New York—born and raised—worked his way into the jazz scene there as a flutist (and erstwhile tenor saxophonist), and eventually moved to D.C.. Ask Haymon, though, and he'll tell you that he never took his [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 14-20: Jazz Night in Southwest, Holland Week at Blues Alley, and More

JAN. 15
Every Friday night for the past 11 years, one of DC's best nights — and best bargains — for local jazz has taken place far away from the clubs and other usual suspects. I speak, of course, of Jazz Night in Southwest at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, where the music takes place right in [...]