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Where Is This U.S. Royalty Motorcycle Going?

It's late afternoon, maybe early evening. Who knows. Who cares. She stomped on your heart, man—again. You've been down this road before, and it just hit a dead end.
You've got a motorcycle and a shattered heart. No, wait—a motorcycle and a tattered dream.
You've gotta go somewhere. Anywhere. Take Rock Creek. There are trees in Rock [...]

Arts Roundup: Because Jay Carney Thinks It’s Cool Edition

U.S. Royalty wins a crucial endorsement from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. [Post]
D.C. cellist Gordon Withers and his wife Cathy appear on the new album from Swervedriver's Adam Franklin. [Gordon Withers]
Forehead slap of the day: "I don’t know about how things work in Washington, but here in Baltimore ... 'indie' means supporting and being supported [...]