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Photos: Amorphis, Samael and Virgin Black @ Jaxx

As promised, from the show last Sunday evening. These three sure put on a visually appealing show, and here's the evidence. Some samples below.
Amorphis (melodic folk metal from Finland):

Samael (industrial/electronic metal from Switzerland):

Virgin Black (goth/doom/classical metal from Australia):

The Green Evening Requiem (opening; black-ish metal from Philly):

And you've seen the ones of Dark [...]

Dark Dissolve, With Harp, at Jaxx

A frequent knock on Jaxx, the metal-oriented club out in Springfield, is that it never seems to book shows with fewer than five bands. If there's a big headliner in town, Jaxx will invariably stick four local bands onto the bill to warm things up. It's a great gesture for local musicians, but the concertgoer [...]

Photos: Sigh and Unexpect @ Jaxx

In my show preview I said these two bands were musically way over the top. Turns out, they're visually way over the top too: Sigh featured an extremely energetic frontwoman on sax and vocals, and while she naturally drew the bulk of attention (her choice of wardrobe was likely a factor here), bandleader Mirai Kawashima, [...]

Sigh and Unexpect at Jaxx

If you're in the mood for some absurd circus metal, tonight's your night to head out to the 'burbs. Two of the most ridiculously over-the-top experimental metal acts you'll ever hear are headlining a night at Jaxx in Springfield. Japan's Sigh and Quebec's Unexpect (pictured) play the kind of symphonic metal that you can't help [...]