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Listen to Office of Future Plans’ “Salamander”

Via Stereogum, the J. Robbins-led post-hardcore quartet Office of Future Plans has released the first song from its upcoming self-titled debut on Dischord. "Salamander" is less of a head-banger than the band's 7-inch single from earlier this year, "Harden Your Heart," but it's equally, I think, as bleak yet determined. But I'm not sure the [...]

Listen to The Fordists’ Debut Album

Local post-hardcore trio The Fordists are readying their debut full-length, and it's streaming now on Bandcamp. Watch You officially comes out in July on D.C. DIY label Amor y Lucha: The label is releasing 300 LPs—100 of which will be pressed on recycled vinyl—so if you like tight-knit, caustic- and classic-sounding D.C. post-punk and can't [...]

Zach Barocas’ Bells≥ Makes Its D.C. Debut

Bells≥ is not what you think. Headed up by drummer Zach Barocas, who spent the mid-'90s holding Jawbox together with a peculiar style and intimidating precision, the quartet plays extended, intricate instrumental jams. Bells≥ also features Adam Riser, formerly the bassist of Oxford Collapse, and zero vocalists. The expansive songs on the band's self-released EP, There Are Crashes, [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 32

Yes, alas, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is taking a two-week hiatus. It will be a dim, formless fortnight, but you can handle it. When we return on May 6, we'll be laden with awesomeness, and you will be made whole again, kids!

"you’re taking someone’s favorite all-time love song and flipping it around and saying [...]

Arts Roundup: Free Cone Day! Edition

Maybe Free Cone Day new is better fare for our colleagues over at Young & Hungry, but, still.
Cooling Card: DCist contributor Brandon Gentry goes very, very long on Jawbox's For Your Own Special Sweetheart (as part of the site's occasionally occurring "Secret History" series, wherein the profiles of classic D.C. albums are aired). And very, [...]

J. Robbins and Gordon Withers Soundcheck @ Story/Stereo

There's no question that J. Robbins can still rock-out–Jawbox's recent sorta-reunion proved that much (although NBC Universal seems to have stricken the video footage from the internet). But nailing the coffee house vibe? That's another mater entirely.
Friday night Robbins–accompanied by cellist Gordon Withers and the smallest drum machine I've ever seen–performed an all acoustic [...]

Story/Stereo: J Robbins Sings J Robbins + Readings

It's hard to imaging a quiet J. Robbins. His skill with booming drums and thrashy guitars–both as an engineer and as a member of the post-hardcore band Jawbox–has pretty much defined his career. But tonight, he's gonna turn it down a little. For the first time ever Robbins will perform unplugged, as part of the [...]

Jawbox Live on Jimmy Fallon

As promised, Jawbox reunited Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon to perform "Savory," from its just reissued classic album For Your Own Special Sweetheart.
Just in case you missed it:

The band also performed the songs "FF=66" and "68" during rehearsal. Those videos after the jump:

Tonight! Jawbox on “Late Night”

In case we haven't reminded you enough: Jawbox is performing tonight for the first time in over 12 years, with a one-off appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC. The episode airs at 12:35 a.m., and the other guests are MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and designer/director Tom Ford.
According to frontman J. Robbins, the group will play [...]

Tonight: Gray Matter Reissue Party @ Black Cat

Ask veterans of Dischord Records, and they'll tell you that 1985 was their Summer of Love. It was the "Revolution Summer," when strands of D.C.'s punk scene cohered into the forward-thinking, inward-looking sound—epitomized by Embrace, Rites of Spring, and others—by which the label made its bones. A pedant might say it was the moment when [...]