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DMV Beats: Kokayi, Logic, The White Mandingos, SmCity, and Javier Starks

Kokayi’s Grind
Deanwood MC Kokayi is on a roll. On Monday, we learned that Ebony magazine named him, wife Seshat, daughter Phina, and son Dahvi one of the coolest black families in America. Then we learned that Kokayi secured a Sister Cities grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, which will fund his [...]

DMV Beats: SmCity, Nike Nando, Redhead, Javier Starks, and BYT’s Emerging Artists Sampler

Touring SmCity
On his last album, The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money, SmCity was all business. For its 12 songs, the rapper kept things aboveboard with guests Skyzoo, Oddisee, and Uptown X.O., among others. His new album, Dream Cemetery, is far more personal. Here, he unfurls stories about his challenges, personally and professionally, and touches on the balance between relationships [...]

DMV Beats: Mitt Romney Money, Javier Starks, and Ndamukong Suh’s Favorite Workout Jam

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Pimp Romney

At Halloween parties across the land this weekend, the people who once dressed up as Sarah Palin or a teary-eyed Glenn Beck will come up with costumes that spin off the one-liner of the season: Mitt Romney’s "binders full of [...]

Tomorrow: D.C. Artists Pay Tribute to Dilla

Detroit producer James "J-Dilla" Yancey represented many things for fans of underground hip-hop. Still today, the gifted beatsmith's use of bombastic drums can make your head nod 'til your neck breaks.
Crate-diggers love Dilla because he could take a oft-sampled beat and flip it in a new way. By the time you heard his version of [...]

Listen: Yaboy Dave and House Studio’s “Breathe”

Back in March, I singled out House Studio DC as D.C.'s best recording hub, following the young operation's quick ascent to prominence in the DMV. So I'd understand if Yudu Gray Jr. and his squad decided to chill out. Not so fast.
The studio's recently released single, rapper Yaboy Dave's "Breathe," is the first from the House Vol. 1 [...]

It Takes a Village to Make a Mixtape

Javier Starks isn't a look-at-me rapper. He's nothing if not respectful, even referring to his male peers as "sir." And while Starks is energetic, he often keeps to himself in public, quietly reciting his own rhymes or studying the performances onstage.
Perhaps that humble demeanor made it easier to secure guest spots for his Faces of [...]

DMV Filter: Pro’Verb, Javier Starks, Bilal Salaam

The last time we heard from Pro'Verb, he released the autobiographical "Too Hip-Hop," which found the young DMV MC assessing his career path over soothing drums and light strings. On Friday, Pro'Verb dropped off "Write Brothers," the hyperactive new single from his forthcoming While You're Waiting mixtape, scheduled for a Sept. 2 release. The song [...]