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Don’t Be Bored: Buraka Som Sistema at U Street Music Hall

There’s far more to electronic dance music than the stuff heard at megaraves in Berlin. The Portugal-based Buraka Som Sistema melds all styles of dance music from the world’s depressed urban centers, sampling from techno, rap, baile funk, dubstep, Angolan kuduro, and beyond. Hailing from Buraca, a Lisbon suburb with a large immigrant population, the [...]

Arts Roundup: Punching Dudes Edition

Myopic Twits Redux: As we have already mentioned here on Arts Desk, hullabaloo broke out on Twitter following a somewhat misguided Washington Post editorial decision on Tuesday. Former Washington City Paper reporter Jason Cherkis assailed Dan Zak's poetic Style section piece about the Guardian Angels, at one point tweeting, "Where's Henry Allen? Y'all could have [...]

Not Everybody Loves ‘Smyrneiko Minore’

As we told you on Saturday, longtime CP reporter Jason Cherkis profiled Baltimore vinyl purveyor Ian Nagoski in this week's Washington Post Magazine. I'll admit that I stopped reading the story for a few minutes to check out "Smyrneiko Minore," the song by Greek singer Marika Papagika that changed Nagoski's life. My initial reaction? It's [...]

Weekend Reading: Music Kills, Music Strains, (Ethno)Music(ology) Could Be Your Calling

Two must-reads and a should-read. Here's the should-read—Ian Svenonius' essay in Vice, "On the Misuse of Music." The first point in his argument that music ought to be banned? Music kills:
And while musicians’ deaths are so commonplace that news of one invokes yawning, these other “normal” hard-partying people don’t just fall down dead every day. There [...]