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City Paper Critics’ Poll: The Best Music of 2012

"They say you got your whole life to make your first album," raps Oddisee at the top of "Ready to Rock," the triumphant, densely collaged opener of People Hear What They See, D.C. music critics' pick for the year's best local album. But for the Sudanese-American producer/MC, it didn't take a lifetime to finally pull [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Excessive Rocking

The last time America was in an economic depression, a vibrant chunk of the era’s popular culture involved folk music about heroic left-wing martyrs. Alas, it’s not quite the same this time. If it was, Lady Gaga might be celebrating the legacy of Joe Hill, the Industrial Workers of the World organizer executed by a [...]

Off the Beach: Real Estate @ Rock & Roll Hotel

For Real Estate's Martin Courtney, returning to his native New Jersey  last summer after graduating from college may have been a regressive move, but it also turned out to be a productive one.
"I almost exclusively hang out with people from high school these days," the singer and guitarist says, echoing that common post-collegiate experience of [...]

Japandroids @ DC9

To the vociferous power duo Japandroids, rock, it seems, can be an adjective, noun, or verb. In a sprawling set at a nearly packed DC9 last night, the Vancouver band—shambolic, self-conscious, in its best moments inspired—played the bulk of its well-received 2009 debut, Post-Nothing, while rarely failing to remind an appreciative audience just how hard [...]