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The Sing-Off: Afro-Blue Stumbles, But Makes It Through

Afro-Blue heard a familiar criticism on last night's installment of The Sing-Off.
"Really ambitious arrangements," Shawn Stockman noted of their performance, a medley of three Janet Jackson hits for Superstar Week. "Sometimes you guys might overthink some parts of the arrangements, where it may not really need any of that stuff you're most known for."
Sara Bareilles [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 19

Hey kids, don't forget about the Twitter list. If you're not on it, we're probably still waiting for you to say something worthy of it. But you can rest assured that Far Out vs. Hot Dang is totally panoptical: When you finally do get your game tizzight, we'll see it. Unless we're blacked-out for one [...]