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All the Swingin’ Ladies: Jazz Setlist, March 5-11

Akua Allrich and the Washington Women in Jazz Festival are back.

ToDo ToDay: Azar Nafisi, Storm Large, and City Paper‘s Concert at the American Art Museum

Fill your weekend with haunting sculptures and sensual dances.

Jazz Setlist, November 7-13: Good Fortune

Thursday, Nov. 7
The salty, melodic sound of Sonny Fortune's alto sax is one of the hidden pleasures of jazz. It's also one of the most surprising: Fortune has a tendency to play his themes straight, with little to no embellishment, letting you think you're in for a smooth ride on the tune. Come the improvisation, [...]

DC Jazz Festival: The Third Wheel

On the festival flyers and Twins schedule, they were listed as Double Date: a collective improvisation between two sets of partners, saxophonists Brad Linde and Sarah Hughes, and guitarist Anthony Pirog and cellist Janel Leppin (better known as Janel and Anthony). But Linde got stranded on his way back from the Banff Jazz Workshop in [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 2-8: Nonstop Improv, Indeed

Thursday, May 2
If you're speaking to alto saxophonists under the age of, say, 40, and you ask them about their influences, it's a given that you'll add, "Aside from Kenny Garrett, of course." This is not an exaggeration. His supple, sensuous tone, preternatural rhythmic sense, and snaky short-note phrasings have all become the lingua franca [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 21-27: Corey Wallace’s DUBtet, Charles Lloyd, Benny Golson, Ensemble Volcanic Ash

Thursday, March 21
The trombonist and composer Grachan Moncur III is one of the unsung heroes of jazz. A man who first toured with Ray Charles, he then became a regular in New York hard bop—a sideman for Benny Golson, Sonny Rollins, and Jackie McLean. The latter served as his transition into the '60s New Thing, [...]

Out Today: Aaron Thompson’s Vessel EP

It looks like local troubadour Aaron Thompson has picked up and moved to New York City, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cop his new EP. Thompson did, after all, live until recently in the District, releasing music through stalwart label Sockets.
He's also staffed the Vessel EP, which is out today, with some D.C. personnel, [...]

Sonic Circuits Has a Posse, and They’re All on This Comp

With the hardcore kids all grown up and go-go frequently looking back, it might seem that nothing new is sounding in Washington. But right now, there seem to be more D.C. bands and artists playing challenging, thought-provoking music than ever before. And some of the best, most frequently rewarding ones are collected here [...]

Aaron Thompson’s Night at the Museum

Back in January, local gravel-voiced troubadour Aaron Thompson performed a set at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where along with some other local experimental and indie-rock names—Jacob Chmara, Nathan Jurgenson (ex-Phonic Riot), and Janel & Anthony's Janel Leppin—he performed a pretty meaty set of old and new tunes. Good news: Thompson has posted the set [...]

Hume’s Britton Powell Eyes a Less “Agrarian” DIY Scene

Britton Powell isn't feeling great about DIY spaces in D.C. His own venue, Paper Sun in Columbia Heights, has stopped hosting shows because of neighbors' complaints. Hole in the Sky in Eckington stopped throwing concerts after police shut it down in February. Red Door in Mount Vernon Square has eased back its schedule. Powell's not [...]