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ToDo ToDay: Janel & Anthony! Vitamin C! National Dance Day!

Cello/guitar/electronics duo Janel & Anthony made one of D.C.’s better albums in recent memory: last year's alluring, largely instrumental Where Is Home. Their follow-up will focus more on vocal works, says cellist Janel Leppin, and some of those pieces will be incorporated into the duo's early-evening performance at the BioWall. It’s not just another plaza. There's [...]

ToDo ToDay: Public Art East of the Anacostia

The past few weeks have brought heat advisory after power outage after heat advisory—and there’s no cool front in sight. This means most people probably haven’t made public-art viewing much of a priority. How remiss they’ve been! Today, the Anacostia Community Museum hosts the latest installment of its community arts series, a walk around public [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Bossalingo Beyond

Local outfit Bossalingo earned a following with its Monday night gigs at the Chi Cha Lounge from 1998 to 2005, but after that run ended, its members pursued other projects. Now, with a new album, Steps Beyond, bandleader and guitarist Michael Joseph Harris is working on re-establishing Bossalingo’s name. Inspired by the jazz-samba style of D.C. [...]