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Jazz Setlist, January 12-18: So Long Charlie

Thursday, January 12
Setlist has not said enough—not nearly enough—about tenor saxophonist Bruce Swaim. A D.C. jazz musician for 30 years, Swaim has a deep, vinegary sound on his instrument and an enormous swagger that's matched by the enormity of his swing. He's worked all around town (he's a frequent player at the National Gallery's weekly [...]

Jazz Setlist, Dec. 8-14: Christmas Concerts, Mostly

This is one of those weeks when I wish I could be in several places at once. Alas, dear reader, I cannot, and therefore can't recommend more than one at a time for you.
Friday, Dec. 9
Tim Warfield is one of the best Christmas gifts D.C. gives its jazz fans every year. He does an annual [...]

DC Jazz Festival, Day 5: Jazz ‘n Families Fun Day

That word, "festival," has a certain connotation as something you can take the kids to — an event where there's plenty of space and opportunities for little ones to run around and have their own activities, get their faces painted or draw pictures or what-have-you. Well, jazz is for kids! So says the DC Jazz [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 7-13: The Afro-French-Dutch Connection

Friday, April 8
Hey, remember about three weeks back when it was Settles Week at Twins Jazz? The only drawback to the whole thing was that we never got to see D.C. jazz's power couple, tenor saxophonist Brian Settles and vocalist Jessica Boykin-Settles, take the stage together. Well! Now's the time to correct that little oversight. [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 13-19: MORE ACCORDION Edition

Thursday, Jan. 13
You might know Amy K. Bormet from her weekly role as pianist and backbone of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra (and perhaps you saw her thoughtful interview on this WTTG tribute to the late Dr. Billy Taylor). But she's got other tricks up her sleeve. Her 2011 resolution, she recently stated, is "MORE [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 6-12: Roy’s Noise (and Others’)

Friday, Jan. 7
It's perhaps the most casual gig in town, but something interesting is always happening at Westminster Presbyterian's Jazz Night. Under the buzz of people chatting quietly to each other, or the scraping of plates of food sold by the SW Catering Company downstairs, can be heard the most swinging and warm jazz music [...]

Nasar Abadey Gigging for the Government

Good news this morning from Nasar Abadey, D.C. jazz drummer and leader of the ensemble Supernova. Abadey and Supernova (this time in quartet form) have been accepted as part of the U.S. State Department's international cultural-exchange program (in partnership with Jazz At Lincoln Center), "The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad" for 2010.
They, and nine other [...]