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Arts Roundup: Molly Bloom Edition

Readers at the Irish embassy's celebration of Bloomsday—June 16, the day of the year on which James Joyce's Ulysses takes place—included Robert Aubry Davis and Post book critic Michael Dirda, "who showed off his green socks." [Style Blog]
Buffalo Exchange, purported bellwether of rising hipster self-esteem, opens on 14th Street NW. [DCist]
Itadi Bonney and son [Post]
The week in street [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs to Play While Reading James Joyce on the Metro

It's not a crime to want to be noticed by someone intelligent and attractive. In fact, it's a pretty common, even laudable desire. We've developed all sorts of colors and sounds and movements to catch the eye of that potential partner. Depending on the type of match you're looking for, you might sport your muscle [...]

Reviewed: MC Paul Barman’s Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud

MC Paul Barman's latest album should probably include CliffsNotes. You can't just pop in Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud and understand it after a few listens, writes Ben Westhoff in this week's City Paper. The record is a dense, complicated, "mature magnum opus, a startlingly sober, not-at-all-horny work focused on education, politics, and word tricks." Westhoff [...]