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Arts Roundup: Washington Post Edition

Bruce: In Tuesday's Washington Post, Bruce Springsteen's introduction to journalism professor Dale Maharidge and WaPo photographer Michael S. Williamson's latest book, Someplace Like America: Tales From the New Great Depression, is repurposed for the Style section. Springsteen writes that Maharidge and Williamson's previous book, Journey to Nowhere, inspired him to pick up his pen: "I had [...]

Arts Roundup: The Billionaires Around Town Edition

Good morning, kids. It’s Wednesday, and the day looks kind of gorgeous on the other side of my curtains.
What a wonderful day to skip work, run to the nearest pool with headphones, a book you actually want to read, and live away. You never know. You might run into Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney or [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Minimalist Environmental Cinema’ Edition

Morning, folks! I normally do this thing on Mondays, but over the weekend I saw a trailer for The Human Centipede and have spent the last two days reconciling my sense of the world with the existence of such a film.
Speaking of horror flicks, the BP’s live feed of the ruptured oil well is [...]

Arts Roundup: “Promote Your Product” Edition

Happy Thursday! And happy Earth Day! Avatar is out on DVD today, and James Cameron is using the holiday to shamelessly self-promote draw awareness to the environmental concerns he features in his film.
Filmfest D.C. is in full swing, showcasing international films throughout the District. Among tonight's is France's Lourdes, of which Tricia Olszewski writes, "There [...]

Corcoran Invokes Avatar, Opening Seventh Seal of 3-D Apocalypse

UPDATE: I take it back. Muybridge was all about the 3-D. He frequently created stereoscopic images, like the one above. Original post below:
3-D has gone high-brow.
I received the above, erm, press invitation today, announcing the preview next month of the Corcoran's "Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change" exhibition. The English-born Muybridge, a pioneer [...]

The Oscars, Abbreviated

Illness has kept me from dishing out my Academy Award predictions and, lest the curse soon be lifted, will probably quash my desire to go live-blog-wild during the telecast.
But I can't be completely silent! So, before the inevitable song-and-dance-and-cheese opening, I offer this:
I remember a sweet time back in early December when I thought that [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Speeches and Charlie Sheen Routine Edition

*Variety reports that the late Jeff Buckley's songs are being worked into a rock-musical version of Romeo and Juliet called The Last Goodbye, set to hit theaters later this year. No word yet on whether the little-known, sparsely covered "Hallelujah" will make an appearance.
*In preparation for the forthcoming Academy Awards, Total Film posts the top [...]

Arts Roundup: D.C. Has, Like, Zero Taste Edition

Today's roundup is late and short! Sorry, readers.
- I really like this page, which compares the stats of different cities. Unfortunately, either there's a bug or D.C. just does not listen to music. Could go either way! To judge by the nifty venn diagrams, Earth has only two truly international stars: Radiohead and Lady [...]

Arts Roundup: Michelle Rhee at Sundance Edition

Good morning! Sundance continues! Yesterday saw the premiere of The Runaways, the eponymous biopic of the all-girl hard rock band that spawned the careers of Lita Ford and Joan Jett.
But the buzziest film of the weekend, Waiting for Superman, is on a slightly dryer subject. No, it has nothing to do with the Flaming Lips. It's the [...]

Avatar, Considered: Being Also an Inquiry Into Ross Douthat’s Cultural Puritanism

In this week's column, Ross Douthat ascends the pulpit to lambaste "The Gospel According to James." (I think he means James Cameron.) Douthat's beef? That Avatar, Cameron's decade-in-the-making opus, is merely a "long apologia for pantheism," 161 minutes of New-Agey sermonizing about the perils of preemptive strikes, imperial genocide, Manifest Destiny, carbon emissions, and, presumably, [...]