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Reviewed: Cowboys & Aliens

With Indiana Jones, James Bond, and the man behind Iron Man, you might expect Cowboys & Aliens to be the most entertaining of mash-ups, part True Grit, part Super 8. What you get instead is closer to a disaster flick in the worst sense of the term.
It required an astonishing five screenwriters and director Jon [...]

Goldfinger Is at Screen on the Green Tonight, but Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Thunderball Are All Better James Bond Movies

Look. Goldfinger is pretty great, sort of in the way Sticky Fingers is better than everything the Stones did post-'72 or so. That is: Not the best in the filmography, but miles ahead of what the Bond franchise became after Sean Connery gave up the tux.
For its iconic characters and set pieces, Goldfinger, which tonight [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Cirque du Jackson’ Edition

*Esquire makes a list of the 75 greatest women of all time with everyone from authors (Judy Blume) to rock legends (Janis Joplin) to philosophers (Sappho). But they list Kelly Clarkson as "the best voice in the history of pop music." While I enjoy Clarkson and think she's talented, Esquire: meet hyperbole.
*Cirque du Soleil announces [...]

Arts Roundup: New Year’s Resolutions for Scenesters Edition

Hello! Underwhelmed by D.C. music of late? So is the A.V. Club D.C.'s Matthew Borlik, who has penned some New Year's resolutions for the District's music scene. The former Washington City Paper staffer and Q & Not U member writes:
From the early ’90s through the early ’00s, the nation knew a D.C. band when it [...]