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ToDo ToDay: FotoWeek, Fall Fringe, Corcoran Community Day, and James Blake

NoMa could never be called the District’s most visually appealing neighborhood. But it has played host to heaps of local photography this year—notably during the recent FotoBazaar, and now, for the sixth annual edition of FotoWeek. This year’s photo festival kicks off tonight with a hipster-flavored cocktail-and-dance party at FotoWeek’s official HQ at the National [...]

“D.C. is a Very Important City”: A Conversation with James Blake

I try to put my mom onto new music. Some stuff she likes, other stuff she loves. But of all the albums I've told her about, James Blake's Overgrown gets the most burn by far.
"My mom's a huge fan of your album," I tell Blake before our discussion begins. "That's a great start!" Blake says with a [...]

Take a Trip to Raheem DeVaughn’s Loveland

Happy Valentine's Day, kids! If you're single, chances are you're cursing the day, or at least whispering positive affirmations: "I'm fine by myself," "I'm in love with me," and so on. Or if you're in a relationship, you might be scrambling to buy that last-minute gift or get to Hallmark before it closes (I'll probably [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 23

You might ask yourself, "Is there a spiritual component to Far Out vs. Hot Dang?" The answer is no. You might note to yourself, "in a cosmological sense, the use of the words 'far' and 'hot' creates a mild paradox." You might be right. And y'know what, D.C.? We're glad you're thinking about us all [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: How Carolyn Malachi Got to the Grammys, Owl Moon, James Blake

This week's arts section opens with my demystification of the Grammy Awards and look at D.C.-based nominee Carolyn Malachi. In theater, Chris Klimek reviews a snoozy The Carpetbagger's Children at Ford's and a Taffety's weird-ass Owl Moon; Bob Mondello reviews Tom Stoppard's reverse-engineering of Dolly, On the Razzle; and Trey Graham checks out GALA Hispanic Theatre's [...]

Arts Roundup: Sucks as Hard as a Spider Can Edition

This is the first Wednesday in nearly a month that I've done the Arts Roundup without the city waking up to snow or freezing rain. Though it is bitterly cold. No matter; let's do the arty news!
SmCity does much more than drop rhymes, Sarah Godfrey writes. As an independent MC, he has had to "handle [...]