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ToDo ToDay: Coen Brothers: Double Take, Give, and Protect-U

1984’s Blood Simple and 2007’s No Country for Old Men, Joel and Ethan Coen’s eerie, blood-soaked, uncomfortably hilarious Texas neo-noirs, have a lot in common, down to the creepiness and originality of their respective villains, the double-crossing P.I. Loren Visser and the double-crossing hitman Anton Chigurh. But while Blood Simple, the Coen brothers’ first feature, was a [...]

Subterranean Punk-House Blues

Photo Slideshow: Subterranean A's Final Show

D.C. punk houses haven’t changed much. They’re still filthy. They’re still rife with well-intentioned but unrealized projects, like unturned compost piles and half-finished rain barrels. They still have damp sofas encircled by splintered drumsticks, Xeroxed show flyers, and earthenware mugs ringed with green-tea residue. Often, a hapless chore wheel clings to [...]

This Could Be Funny: Cool Dudes Hanging Out

Your next seven days should be filled with laughter. The following could help.
Friday, Dec. 16: Christian Finnegan at DC Improv
Christian Finnegan has been at this for a while. If you think you recognize him, you probably do. His appearances on Chapelle's Show and Best Week Ever nearly a decade ago might place him as the [...]

James Adomian Isn’t That Famous Yet, But It’s Cool

"No matter how good you are, if you're starting at zero, it's going to take ten years for people to know who you are," says comedian James Adomian. Though he has been working on his craft for more than a decade, he still isn't well-known outside comedy-nerd circles. That will change.
He balances stand-up and impressions [...]