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ToDo ToDay: Ratking, Grounded, and Punk the Capital

The only New York that matters is the one you create in your head, and if you’re a hip-hop autodidact, the most useful construction material is an album like Ratking’s So It Goes. Loud by nature, socially conscious by birthright, and exquisitely anxious by default, it extends from multiple familiar traditions. Enamored with sidewalk detail, brimming [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cut Copy, Cherry Blossom Cocktails, and a Travis Jackson Benefit

In 2001, Dan Whitford, then the owner of an Australian graphic design company, toggled through the choices on his MacBook’s edit menu and stopped on two words: cut and copy. The words became a source of inspiration; Whitford traded in the computer keyboard for a musical one and formed the synthpop quartet Cut Copy. In [...]

ToDo ToDay: Porgy and Bess, Stand-Up Comedy, and Cotton Candy

The return of Porgy and Bess to the National Theatre means much more than rousing dance numbers: It was the first musical performed for a desegregated audience at the gilded Pennsylvania Avenue NW venue. This tour stop of the much-updated Porgy and Bess, which snagged the 2012 Tony for Best Revival, is unlikely to reach similar heights of [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Waterboys, Billy Collins, and Wild Belle

When W.B. Yeats won the Nobel Prize in 1923, the committee described his poetry as a “highly artistic form [that] gives expression to the spirit of a whole nation.” Scottish-born Dublin resident Mike Scott has aimed for that same sort of artistry in the music he’s made since the 1983 self-titled debut by his band, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Big Words! Mark Leibovich!

In Big Words, three estranged friends reunite to hash out their issues from decades ago. One conversation doesn’t seem like enough fodder for an entire movie, but these carefully crafted characters have lived enough to fill out a feature film with their experiences. Twenty-some years before, the three of them were on the verge of making [...]